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The new BJP-led Government at the Centre has been attacked by a prominent NGO activist Kailash Satyarthi. The incumbent had taken exception to the Government's stand on nuclear arms here early this

One hundred and sixty six bonded labourers were freed today in Thanjavur district, thanks to the efforts taken by the district administration. Following the Supreme Court order, voluntary

A warm reception was accorded to a group of children and adults, from various countries who have undertaken a 'Global March' against child labour on their arrival at Chennai here on

The Gujarat HIgh Court, in a significant order recently, has directed the State Government to implement in term and spirit the Supreme Court directive on child labour and take necessay measures for

The Clinton administration has raised objections to a crucial provision - "unilateral sanctions" - a proposed child labour elimination Bill which targets countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Tribal leaders from all over the country decided at a meeting here on Sunday to mobilise people for self-rule in areas where the "indigenous population " is in sizable numbers. They also urged the

The USA proposes to penalise nations that do not prohibit child labour or fail to effectively enforce child labour laws. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, where child labour is

For the first time, nine Indian school children shall participate in the Fifth Children's Summit to be held at Disneyland Paris in France in May next. A spokesperson of the United Nations

A recent survey by the Orissa Labour Department on child labour has been disputed by an NGO which claims the State Goverbment's estimate of the number of children working in hazardous units is flawed

Deep within the bamboo and timber-rich forests of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra , tribal villagers are seeing the first stirrings of a 'mini political revolution'. The growing assertiveness