Acid mine drainage (AMD) is formed when water and air come in contact with pyrite (FeS2) present in coal and exposed rocks, to form sulphuric acid. The process of pyrite oxidation further leads to the formation of Fe3+ and some or all of this Fe3+ precipitates to cause red, orange or yellowish colour of the water. The coal deposits in Meghalaya, India along the southern fringe of Shillong plateau are distributed in Khasi, Garo and Jaintia hills .

Over one lakh people affected as Brahmaputra, Jingiram waters inundate several villages

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising of seven organizations from Garo Hills held a public rally in Williamnagar on Tuesday to demand that the Meghalaya Government halt the Daribokgre dam pro

Outbreak of bird-flu and aftermath

Shillong: Fresh deaths of domesticated fowls have been reported in the State, even as the culling of birds in a three-kilometre radius of the bird-flu epicentre of Williamnagar in Meghalaya’s East Garo Hills entered its third day on Sunday, an official said.