Human-animal conflict is on the rise in areas adjoining wildlife sanctuaries.

BAHRAICH: An eco-sensitive zone will be developed in the Sohelwa wildlife sanctuary on the Indo-Nepal border for the security of wildlife in Sohelwa.

The plan of wildlife conservation led by then prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee was chalked out in the year 2002 and the programme is being launched now 10 years later. Sohelwa wildlife sanctuary on the Indo-Nepal border was acquired by the government in 1988. Five ranges of the sanctuary are located in Balrampur district, including Tulsipur, Barahwa, Bankatwa, eastern and western Sohelwa, while two zones are in Rampur and Bhabhar of Shravasti district.

SHRAVASTI: To adress man-animal conflict along the Indo-Nepal border, the area will be equipped with solar fencing and thorny wires at the cost of Rs 8 crores. Till now, the efforts to stop such conflicts is a failure.

The difference between the population and the forest could not be widened as the line between them has not been drawn yet. Around 500 villages of Shravasti and Balrampur are situated near Sohelwa and the inhabitants in these villages are frequently visiting the forest. The proposal for wiring was sent to the government four years ago but now the chances of approval looks bright.