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The World Wide Fund for Nature has decided to support 10 more protected areas in the country in 1998 while entering the second year of its three-year tiger conservation programme. Protected areas

Here are some of the things that the Yangtze River dolphin is not:It is not black and white and furry. It does not sit in adorable poses and chew on bamboo shoots. It is not the focus of a worldwide

The large freshwater whitefin dolphin of Yangtze river is dying off at an alarming rate. Biologists believe that fewer than 100 of the dolphins remain in the lower reaches of the river, the only

Rare aquatic species, dolphins have been found in four rivers in the M. P. According to information, dolphins have been seen in the Cain, Betwa, Sindh and Som rivers. Conserted efforts would be made

High in the mountains of central Mexico, monarch butterflies arrive by the millions each winter to take refuge. But conservationists have grown increasingly concerned about the butterflies as these

The UK government is set to scrap Britain's quarantine laws for pets, in a move that will allow vaccinated animals to travel freely across the European Union. Nick Brown, the agriculture minister, is

The number of migratory birds is less this year due to scarcity of fish in the waterbodies and rampant hunting in the greater Khulna region of

Just two years after gray wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone after what is believed to have been half a century's absence, they have dramatically made their presence felt. They have killed half

The Union Environemtn Minsiter, Mr Suresh Prabhu, has called for greater international cooperation for controlling illegal trade in tiger products to combat the steady decline in tiger population

A joint operation by the Forest Department and police personnel helped bust a racket in poaching of deer and smuggling of deer skin and horns. The police have taken into custody three notorious