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two earthquakes in Italy over the last fortnight left about 11 people dead and left an estimated 5,000 homeless. The first quake on September 23 in central Italy, which measured 4.6 on the

scientists in China are attempting for the first time to create a test-tube panda. Since the beginning of this year, China's Laboratory of Genetic Embryo Engineering on Endangered Wildlife has

At a time when alarms have been sounded over the slaughter of elephants and rhinos by poachers and killing of male lions by hunters, the wildlife in Botswana is facing a serious threat. An expanding

asiatic lions in the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat will be shifted to the Kuno Palpur Sanctuary in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh to prevent their extinction. The shrinkage in forest cover and the

alcoholism in Russia is rising at an unparalleled rate. The average life expectancy for Russian men fell by

the jaguar, one of the most elusive

the endangered Asian elephants have a new friend in usa . A proposal to spend up to us $25 million to conserve the asian elephants could go a long way towards saving them from

scientists working on the east African island of Zanzibar have observed that the red colobus monkey ( Procolobus Kirkii ) has added charcoal to its diet, apparently to help it overcome the

Officials in Nepal and India have expressed concern over the trans-boun-dary migration of wild animals. They say the movement of animals is posing a serious threat to the life and property of the

according to Russian scientists who have pioneered a method that uses sniffer dogs to count Siberian tigers, conservationists have overestimated the number of the endangered species. Last year, a