Joint Committee report on the alleged pollution caused by a cement plant, village Durgawati, district Kaimur, Bihar, 18/05/2022

Factual and action taken report on behalf of the Joint Committee constituted vide the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order, January 28, 2022.

The matter related to health hazards being faced by the residents living near M/S N.U. Vista Ltd., village Durgawati, district Kaimur, Bihar. The unit is discharging its polluted water in the nearby agricultural land; the cement water slurry is released into the agricultural fields making them infertile and ultimately polluting the nearby rivers and also affects aquatic life, the application to the NGT said.

The joint committee paid a visit to M/S N.U. Vista Ltd., April 20, 2022 and some of the observations made were the following:

  • A health check up team went house to house to know the status of the health of the people and people were found healthy
  • Road outside the cement plant was observed to be broken and unpitched at a few places
  • There was no sign of discharge of polluted water/cement slurry in surrounding agriculture land. The sample of soil was sent for analysis to the CPCB and it was found that the soil is good for agriculture and within standards. However, electrical conductivity was above the standards.
  • On the basis of perusal of crop residue it appears there has not been any adverse effect on the crop production.
  • The Joint Committee report said that M/S N.U. Vista Ltd. is not causing health hazards, damage to crops and soil infertility has not been established. 

The Joint Committee has also recommended steps to be taken as remedial measures.