Judgement of the High Court of Delhi regarding unauthorized constructions in the areas marked for community uses in the regularization plan, West Jyoti Nagar Colony, Shahdara, Delhi, 17/04/2018

Judgement of the High Court of Delhi in the matter of Mukesh Kumar Vs Ranbir Singh, Commissioner East Delhi Municipal Corporation dated 17/04/2018. The issue relates to regularization of the West Jyoti Nagar Colony, Shahdara, Delhi which was an unauthorized colony. It was stated that in the regularization plan of the colony community facility projects were earmarked and the land earmarked for community facility projects has been converted into illegal and unauthorized residential complexes.

Delhi High Court disposes of the Application and said that no request for regularization of any colony can be entertained by the authorities if there is any deviation from the regularization plan which was originally submitted to the authorities. Before effecting any regularization of a colony, all authorities physically inspect the colony against the regularization plan and ensure that the constructions therein comport to the layout plan submitted for regularization, especially public facilities.