Judgement of the Supreme Court of India regarding Lieutenant Governor as the administrative head of National Capital Territory of Delhi, 04/07/2018

Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Government of NCT of Delhi Vs Union of India & Others dated 04/07/2018 on the issue of administrative head of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Main Highlights of the Judgement are the following:

1. The interpretation of the Constitution has to be purposive taking into consideration the need of time and Constitutional principles.

2. The Parliament has power to make laws for NCTD in respect of any of the matters enumerated in State List and Concurrent List. The Legislative Assembly of NCTD has also legislative power with respect to matters enumerated in the State List (except excepted entries) and in the Concurrent List.

3. The “aid and advice” given by Council of Ministers as referred  to in sub­clause (4)  of Article 239AA is binding on the LG.

4. The Legislative Assembly of NCTD being representing the views of elected representatives, their opinion and decisions have to be respected in all cases except where LG decides to make a reference to the President.