Judgment of the National Green Tribunal regarding pollution of Tilaiya a storm water drain which falls in river Saryu, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, 22/12/2023

Judgment of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Durga Prasad Yadav & Others Vs State of Uttar Pradesh & Others dated 22/12/2023.

The matter related to the damage to the environment and existence of river Trilodki Ganga (Baha) caused by the construction of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram International Airport. For the construction of the airport the river Trilodki has been completely ruined. River Trilodki is now flowing in the form of a storm water drain known as Tilaiya which passes through Ganja, Hansapur, Chandpur Harivansh, Poore Husain Khan, Janora dehat and falls in river Saryu. Rain water of this drain is used by the villagers. The flow of said drain is now obstructed due to which thousands of bighas of land will be submerged.

M/s. Amrit Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. (Coco Cola) Dabhar Semar, Chandpur Harbans, Allahabad road, Ayodhya is discharging polluted water in the above said drain. Due to there being no outlet the polluted water is spreading to the nearby villages and agricultural land and damaging the crops.

M/s Amrit Bottlers Pvt. Ltd. has been directed by the NGT, December 22 to ensure that nano-filtration unit of capacity 300 KLD is installed and commissioned upto Febryary 28, 2024 and submit report regarding operationalization of the same.

Uttar Pradesh Pollutionc Control Board (UPPCB) and Uttar Pradesh Ground Water Department are directed to inspect the rain water harvesting projects installed at 25 locations with total capacity of 4,98,999 cubic meters and verify the claim of Amrit Bottlers for harvesting of rain water more than 150 per cent in ratio to extraction of ground water and file report.

Divisional Forest Officer, Ayodhya was directed to verify plantation of 7000 plants and 11000 plants in year 2022-23, Miyawaki afforestation on 150 sq.mtr. in year 2021-22, 11000 plants in year 2022-23 by the industry and file report regarding survival and maintenance thereof. The industry has claimed to have developed Miyawaki type of jungle with approximately at Usroo, Ayodhya on an area of 150 sqr mtr in plantation year 2021-22 and Miyawaki type of jungle with approximately 12000 plants on an area of approximately 3000 sqr mtr at Gosaiganj in plantation year 2022-23. The jungle in Gosaiganj is at the distance of 25 km from the factory premises.

The court was of the opinion that such plantation needs to be carried out in the vicinity of the factory premises to mitigate adverse impacts of air and water pollution caused by the unit and the industry has been directed to carry out plantation activities in areas in the vicinity of its unit and surrounding nearby areas.

The industry was also directed to carry out CSR activities in consultation with District Environment Committee headed by the District Magistrate, Ayodhya and the Divisional Forest Officer, Ayodhya and in view of the requirements of the residents of the area surrounding the project and to file action taken report in this regard. All the reports should be filed within three months, the court said.