Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding non compliance of environment norms by the dairies in Delhi, 08/07/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Nuggehalli Jayasimha Vs Government of NCT of Delhi dated 08/07/2019 regarding non compliance of environment norms by the dairies operating in Delhi. It is alleged that solid, liquid and gas waste is generated and dumped into the drains which are meeting the river Yamuna and thus, this activity results in contamination of river Yamuna. The waste clogged the drainage system which was becoming breeding ground for mosquitoes and other inspects and thus creating health hazard. Waste generated was also resulting in discharge of ammonia and nitrogen oxides in the air and nitrate in soil and ground water.

In the light of inspection reports under the directions of the Tribunal dated 11.04.2018, and the recommendations of the inspection reports dated 04.12.2015 and 15.12.2015 prepared by the Animal Welfare Board of India it was noted that there was rampant use of Schedule H drugs, oxytocin injections, syringes, plastic bottles and other veterinary drugs etc. which are disposed of improperly and in unscientific manner, in violation of Bio-medical Waste Management Rules, 2016. The dairies were not following waste management practices. There was also violation of Food Safety and Standards (Licence and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has been asked by the NGT to close down the polluting dairies, prosecute the polluters and recover compensation from the polluters and furnish a report to the Tribunal before the next date. Further, CPCP has been directed to study the matter and lay down appropriate guidelines for management and monitoring of environmental norms by the dairies throughout India and furnish a report in the matter. The local bodies in all the States/ UTs have been asked to file inventory of dairies in their respective jurisdiction so that state PCB can compile such information in their respective reports furnished to CPCB.