Order of the Supreme Court regarding wind mill energy regulation for Tamil Nadu, 25/01/2022

Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd. & Others Vs M/s Century Flour Mills Ltd. & Others dated 25/01/2022.

The matter related to cogeneration and generation of electricity from renewable sources of energy by providing suitable measures and the obligation of the entities to purchase electricity generated from the renewable energy method.

The affidavit by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) states that there is a mis-match between the availability of renewable power in a particular region and the need on the part of all entities to satisfy the renewable purchase obligation, as the resources in that behalf are not met even across the country. To illustrate, electricity generated through wind mills is an aspect more feasible in Tamil Nadu which is in the forefront of the same.

Counsel for the M/s Century Flour Mills said that TNERC was required to seek approval before hand for any change in priority of adjustment which was not done.

The SC noted that TNERC is in the process of framing a regulation for priority adjustment of wind mill energy but that will only be prospective in nature. The Supreme Court said that the regulations must be notified forthwith and the court must be informed accordingly.