Hydrogeochemical investigations were carried out in and around Tummalapalle uranium mining area in order to assess hydrogeochemistry and its evolution of hydrochemical facies. Forty groundwater samples were analyzed for various physicochemical parameters like pH, electrical conductivity (EC), Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cl, HCO3, CO3, SO4, and F. The saturation indexes (SI) of minerals were calculated by employing Visual MINTEQ software. From this it is confirmed that most of the water samples were saturated with respect to carbonate minerals and under saturated with respect to sulfate minerals. The result saturation index calculated by Visual MINTEQ together with Gibbs diagram and Indices of Base Exchange (IBE) findings indicate that dissolution of dolomite and calcite, evaporation and cation exchangeable can be main mechanisms responsible for the chemical composition of the ground waters in the studied area.