Loading of Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu, Co, Mn, Ni, Zn, and Fe in topsoil samples (TS) collected from the vicinity of limestone quarry in South Western Nigeria was investigated. Thirty TS were sampled within ½ km radius from exploration area and 5 background samples from undeveloped area 10 km away from the study area. Limestone rock samples (RK) were also analyzed for metals’ content. All samples were pretreated and leached with appropriate acid solutions for some properties. All leachates were analyzed with atomic absorption spectrophotomer (AAS) technique. Soil pH ranged from 6.65 to 8.23, sand from 55.8 to 75.0%, silt from 16.6 to 34.6%, clay from 8.43 to 13.6%, and organic matter from 0.97 to 4.84%, respectively. These properties compared with those of background samples. Rock samples (RK) showed high Fe and Mn enrichment.