Bad planning

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In a tearing hurry, the jnnurm directorate has cleared over 23 infrastructure projects worth Rs 86,482.95 crore to meet the March 31 deadline. Only nine, worth Rs 803.19 crore, are for the urban poor under bsup (see table: Poor release). "Slum development is a complex issue and requires visionary leadership. But at present only engineering projects are getting cleared under jnnurm. The sub-missions of jnnurm are not working in an integrated manner,' says V Suresh.

An analysis of projects cleared under uig shows that water supply projects seem to be favoured with over 11 projects worth Rs 48,026 crore cleared by March 31, 2006. This is followed by drainage at five (Rs 19,901 crore), transport at four (Rs 14,756 crore) and sewerage at three (Rs 3,800 crore).All these projects are in four states