Block level weather forecast using direct model output from NWP models during monsoon season in India

The forecast for 655 districts and 6500 blocks had been prepared and implemented on 1P st P June, 2014. The procedure for getting forecast for the districts and blocks in India including altitude corrections is based upon regular (0.25 × 0.25) grid output from the T-574 Model and output from 9 km WRF model. A verification study for rainfall forecast at 0.25 × 0.25 degree grid for Indian Window (0-40° N and 60-100° N) is also conducted, which had indicated that skill of the rainfall forecast is good for all parts of the country except oceanic islands and high terrain regions and one can down scale to any level, down to the blocks, the skill scores will not differ much. A detailed verification study for the skill of the forecast at block level for all the eight weather parameters for which the forecast was issued is conducted.