This paper presents viability study of integrated renewable power system for telecommunication applications. Rapid depletion of fossil fuel resources necessitated research on alternative energy sources. A wind solar integrated system is a reliable alternative energy source because it uses solar energy combined with wind energy to create a stand-alone power system. Incremental Conductance and Fuzzy Logic Maximum Power Point Tracking is proposed in this paper for solar and wind power system to provide a constant voltage with the help of DC-DC Single-Ended Primary-Inductance Converter. Main objective of this paper is to supply uninterruptible power for telecommunication loads from standalone solar-wind-Diesel integrated power system with efficient energy storage system. Embedded based Effective Energy Management Controller is proposed to monitor the power from all resources and load demand continuously and to control whole integrated power system. It provides uninterrupted power, effective utilization of sources, improves life time of battery and minimized usage of diesel. The whole system is analysed with telecom tower load demand and real weather data using MATLAB/simulink.