Sometime due to major accident and leakage the situation become worst for the nearby peoples. Kedarnath is a town located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and has gained importance because of Kedarnath Temple located at the latitude of 30.73 and the longitude of 79.06. This region is seismically and ecologically very sensitive and delicate, even a minute changes (anthropogenic or natural) can create a dangerous disaster. A natural hazardous has been happened in Kedarnath valley due to torrential rainfall during 16 and 17 June 2013. After viewing this disaster due to torrential rainfall an attempt has been made to utilize the high resolution satellite data of before and after the incident of the recent devastation in Kedarnath of Rudrapratap District, Uttarakhand. The objective of this study is to fundamentally focus the intercession of human being in nature and their consequences in terms of human's life. In our article we tried to focus the impact of this natural hazardous over the region of Kedarnath.