Biopiracy is a compound word consisting of ‘bio’ which is a short form for ‘biology’ and ‘piracy’. Biopirates are those
individuals and industries/companies accused of one or both of the following acts: (i) the theft, misappropriation of, or
unfair free-riding on, genetic resources and/or traditional knowledge, and (ii) the unauthorized and uncompensated collection for commercial ends of biological/genetic resources and/or traditional knowledge. Nargis (Narcissus tazetta) is a famous plant having various medicinal properties as documented in ancient Unani classical literature. It is used as solvent (mohallil), absorbent/absorbefacient (jaazib) and jaali (detergent), and also for the treatment of ‘balkhora’ (Alopecia areate) as mentioned in Khazainul Adviyah by Ghani. (Correspondence)