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Coal  is  the  prime  source  of  energy  in  India.  Opencast  mining  of  coal  damage  a  large  land surface  area,  displace  people  from  their  natural  home  and  cause  agricultural  losses.  This raises  a  number  of  environmental  challenges,  including  soil  erosion,  dust,  noise,  and  water pollution  impacts  on  local  biodiversity.  Generation  of  dump  waste  from opencast  mines  in Jharia  coalfield  threatens  the  social  sustainability  of  land  use  pattern  in  many  ways.  The overburden dumps formed outside the open pits besides occupying the lands alter the surface topography  and  contribute  to  the  environmental  degradation.  In  the  present  paper  authors have attempted to study the impact of physical properties of soil and his effect on the growth of some selected grasses over mine dumps. Bulk density plays a significant role in growth of
selected grasses as observed during this experiment.