This paper deals with utilization of flyash to vegetation programmed in abandoned open cast mines of Jharia coalfields, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Its physical properties are beneficial in vegetation purposes in abandoned opencast mines of Jharia coalfields.

Coal  is  the  prime  source  of  energy  in  India.  Opencast  mining  of  coal  damage  a  large  land surface  area,  displace  people  from  their  natural  home  and  cause  agricultural  losses.  This raises  a  number  of  environ

In India huge amount of flyash is generated from coal-fired thermal power plants, causing several disposal-related problems. The disposal of coal ash is a matter of great concern nowadays as it requires huge area of land at the disposal site but also adversely affects surface, sub surface environment. The present paper discusses the several environmental aspects of coal ash disposal.