Chemical banned

CONSUMERS have decided to stop using products containing chlorpyrifos till more information about it is available. Even store managers are going to lay off these products for the time being. The chemical poses a threat to children due to its effect on the nervous system and brain development and has been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency. Chlorpyrifos is present in a large number of commonly used pesticides used for controlling a variety of household pests.

Howard Marder, a spokesperson for the housing authority, stressed that though chlorpyrifos was the most commonly used pesticide, other alternatives are available and are already being investigated. In fact, the phasing out of the chemical has been going on for some years in anticipation of the ban. Pest controllers are now turning towards pyrethroids, a less toxic class of chemicals.

Meanwhile, preventive measures such as cleanliness, sealing wall cracks and proper food storage have been suggested. Though the chemical may continue to have limited use, its use on agricultural products should be avoided.