Contraceptive chaos

Population control measures using the controversial contraceptive, Norplant -- developed by Population Council, us -- has backfired, with its acceptance level among women being on the lower side. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi.

The ministry of health and family welfare, which had been widely propagating Norplant's use for the past 2 years -- despite opposition from several women's organisations -- has stopped its aggressive campaign only recently. B N Saxena, senior deputy director general of the icmr and project coordinator for Norplant, feels the traditional and well accepted methods like intrauterine devices, oral contraceptives and tubectomy can be promoted instead of Norplant.

The Norplant device basically involves an invasive technology and requires minor surgery which often causes bleeding. It is also expensive at us $25 apiece. Norplant I's (the 1st version of the contraceptive) failure to click has put a stop to the trials for Norplant II.