Indo US nuclear deal debated in Rajya Sabha

after nine hours of debate on the India- usa nuclear deal in the Rajya Sabha, the position of the Left and the opposition parties remained the same. They made it clear that their stand had not changed since July 2005, when the deal was announced first. On December 9, cpi (m) general secretary Prakash Karat said at a party meeting that his party would withdraw support from the United Progressive Alliance government. Brinda Karat, cpi (m) politburo member, however, clarified the party's position saying it had no intention of withdrawing support but was firm about not letting the nuclear deal through.

Amidst heated exchanges and mud-slinging, the Rajya Sabha debate on December 4 primarily focused on two issues. One, whether India could pursue an active military nuclear programme without American nuclear inspectors roaming around the country's facilities after the deal was signed? And two, did India stand to gain a significant quantum of energy?

Other issues like American strategic interests in South Asia, India's stand as a nonaligned country vis-