It s sad to see this technology die at the age of seven

Has only faulty diffusion of information held back the gains of Bt technology?
Bt-cotton is a powerful illustration of the benefits offered by modern science to reduce rural poverty, improve food security, and protect the environment. But it requires proper management. In China, it's sad to see this technology die at the age of seven. By taking preventive action, we could avoid the damage from secondary pests.

Are there options other than refuge planting to avert secondary pests?
There are two options to control secondary pests: (i) biological control: Introducing natural predator of secondary pests, and, (ii) developing multi-toxin Bt genes, to resist not only bollworm, but also secondary pests.

Huang Jikun of CCAP, who helped you source data, says the incidence of mirid is a random event and your conclusions are flawed and misleading?
The emergence of secondary pests is not a random event since the field studies in entomology in China also support our conclusion. At this point, I would say, 'I agree to disagree with Jikun.'