Neem based products


1. Wellgro, produced by India Tobacco Company, reportedly repels tobacco caterpillar, prevents the spread of tobacco mosaic virus and prevents nitrogen leaching.

2. Neemguard, marketed by Gharda Chemicals, Bombay. Recommended by the company for use on cotton, groundnut, pulses, rice, vegetables, fruit trees and plantation crops.

3. Neemark, marketed by West Coast Herbochem, Bombay.

4. Neemta 2100, a neem kernel suspension with antifeedant and repellant effects.

The following neem-based pesticides are likely to enter the market soon:

1. Achook, by Godrej Soaps.

2. Margocide CK 20% and Margocide CK 80%, by Monofix Agro Products Ltd, Hubli.

3. Nimbecidine, by T Staines and Co, Coimbatore.

4. Neemgold, by SPIC, Madras.

5. RD-9 Replin, by ITC Ltd.

Nitrogen regulator

1. Nimin, produced by Godrej Soaps.


1. Nimbola, by Kee Pharma, New Delhi, neem oil based capsules for diabetes.

2. Clean and Clear, marketed by Dabur India, New Delhi, neem capsules for curing acne and purifying blood.

3. Neemtulsi, by Puma Ayurvedic Herbal, Nagpur, as a prickly heat powder.


1. Sensal, by Excelsior Enterprises, Kanpur, liquid contraceptive.


1. Margo soap, by Super Cosmetics, Kanpur.

2. Neem toothpaste, by Calcutta Chemicals, Calcutta.