Oil boom

Tinytech, a mechanised oil expeller imported from India, is doing wonders for the villagers of Gokwe in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe. A smallscale oil milling business in Gokwe has installed Tinytech which has helped improve the nutritional standards of impoverished villagers in this vast rural area by providing them access to cooking oil. Earlier, the edible oil market in Zimbabwe was dominated by four major producers based in urban areas but it failed to supply oil to rural communities as it was too expensive for them. The government decided to decentralise oil production a few years ago as oil seeds are mainly produced in rural areas which also have a huge market for processed oil. PIPA Enterprises, a smalIscale business venture, is promoting decentralised production of edible oil with the help of Tinytech in Zimbabwe. Now villagers can buy oil in small quantities at lower prices. Farmers are a so happy that they don't have to pay high transport costs for selling their seeds in distant markets.