Arulagam, an NGO involved in the conservation of nature and wildlife, is planning a workshop and human chain in Udhagamandalam next week in a bid to generate awareness of the need to conserve the Indian Vulture (Gyps Indicus) population, on the verge of becoming extinct.

S. Bharathidasan, secretary of Arulagam told The Hindu that the event will be organised to mark the just- concluded World Vulture Day celebrations. Arulagam had already organised awareness programmes at Masinagudi in the Nilgiris, where a considerable number of vultures continue to exist in the Moyar Valley that extends to Thengumarahada in Sathyamangalam of Erode district. Subsequently, a similar programme was held to put an end to the use of Diclofenac at Vayyampalayam in Coimbatore, which has a sizeable cattle population.