Who will give what?

USA: 66 per cent above the international environmental aid levels of 1990 (though nobody knows what this means in dollars).

Japan: Will increase its aid support from about US $1 billion a year by 50 per cent to about US $1.4 to US $1.5 billion a year from 1992 to 1996. Germany: Will reach the 0.7 per cent target as soon as possible, keeping in mind the needs of its Eastern European neighbours.

UK: Has promised to "mobilise" its aid programme (without any specific sums of money mentioned).

France: Will reach the 0.7 per cent target by 2000; will double its contribution to the GEF.

Canada: Has promised to "do more" over the next five years; will exchange the last of Canada's aid-related debt of US $145 million owed by Latin American countries for funding sustainable development projects.

Netherlands: Will increase aid by 0.1 per cent of GNP for the implementation of global environmental agreements.

European Community: Has promised to provide US $4 billion "including new and additional resources" for Agenda 21 projects over an unspecified period. Finland: Will reach the 0.7 per cent target by 2000.