EnviStats India 2022: Vol.II environment accounts

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is an international statistical standard that uses a systems approach to bring together economic and environmental information to measure the contribution of the environment to the economy and the impact of the economy on the environment. The SEEA – CF provides a framework for organizing and presenting statistics on the environment and its relationship with the economy. It brings together economic and environmental information in an internationally agreed set of standard concepts, definitions, classifications, accounting rules and tables to produce internationally comparable statistics. The SEEA-CF helps to account for the stocks of the environmental assets and flows between the environment and the economy. Environmental stocks and flows are considered holistically. From a stock perspective, the environment includes all living and non-living components that constitute the biophysical environment, including all types of natural resources and the ecosystems within which they are located. From the perspective of environment flows, the environment is the source of all-natural inputs for the economy, including natural resources inputs (minerals, energy, timber, fish, soil etc.) and other natural inputs absorbed by the economy, for example, energy from solar and wind resources and the air used in the combustion process.