3-wheeler registration: Report filed in compliance with direction of Hon’ble Court dated 26.8.2019 and IA No 11028/2019 on behalf of DMRC

On 4.2.2019, the Hon’ble Supreme Court directed EPCA to consider the issues in the application No 176097 of Bajaj Auto Ltd of December 12, 2018 seeking that the cap on number of 3-wheeler registration, imposed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court vide its order of 16.12.1997, should be removed as these vehicles are no longer polluting. On 28.2.2019, EPCA submitted its report No 95 examining the improvement in fuel and emissions standards and found that the for petrol/CNG 3-wheelers, from BS I to BS VI, emission limits have been reduced by roughly 80-90 per cent. Even between BS IV to BS V, there is a 50 per cent reduction in emission limits. Given this situation and the urgent need for para-transit vehicles in the city, EPCA recommended that the cap on registration of 3-wheelers should be removed, provided these vehicles are BS VI compliant and run on petrol/CNG.