Draft interim report of the Committee for preparation of "Guidelines for Loading, Unloading & Nuisance Free Transportation of All types of Flyash, including Bottom Ash etc. generated by Thermal Power Stations"

To evaluate and suggest all aspects of handling and transportation of flyash like, in plant handling/storage, transportation to the user’s/disposal site, road and rail tankers, transfer by boats, barges for export, closed tankers etc, a Committee under the chairmanship of Sh. T.K. Dhar, Former Executive Director (Environment and R&R), NTPC was constituted vide Office Order dated October 07, 2013. The committee met on October 23, 2013 & November 21, 2103 at CPCB, Delhi. The committee discussed the current practices for handling and disposal of flyash& bottom ash, its utilisation and transportation modes and environmental issues involved. Based on the suggestions and recommendation of the Committee, an interim report including draft guidelines on loading, unloading and transportation of flyash, bottom ash & pond ash is prepared.