Draft Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy 2021-2026

The Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited on February 24, 2021 has issued Draft Karnataka Renewable Energy Policy 2021-2026. This policy will be applicable to projects and programs relating to the focus markets as covered under provision 4 of this policy. The following objectives have been given: To facilitate development of 20 GW of RE projects with or without energy storage systems in the State, including 2 GW of Rooftop solar PV projects; To attract investment in the RE sector and development of State economy; To tap RE potential in the State and use of available resources for development of RE projects for the purpose of meeting the RE demand within the State and exporting energy outside Karnataka; To achieve the RPO target(s) as specified by KERC from time to time; To develop Renewable Energy Parks including hybrid parks in the State; and To encourage private sector participation in transmission network/Green Energy Corridor projects.