Draft national electricity plan: Volume-II - transmission

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has notified draft National Electricity Plan (Volume-II: Transmission). As per the draft, during 2017-2022, targets were set to add 110,281 ckm of transmission lines and 383,690 MVA of transformation capacity in substations. Approximately 80.6 per cent of the targeted transmission lines and 91 per cent of the targeted transformation capacity were achieved. Further, by March 2027, additional renewable energy capacity is expected to be added, necessitating further transmission planning. Wind and solar generation capacities, along with additional battery energy storage systems, are under consideration for transmission planning purposes. By March 2032, transmission systems are being planned to accommodate capacities from wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear sources. Various technology options are being explored to enhance the power system’s overall development, including hybrid substations, digital substations, and voltage-sourced converters based high voltage direct current systems.