EnviStats India 2023, Vol II : environment accounts

The National Statistical Office (NSO) under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) is mandated with the “Development of Environment Statistics and Development of methodology, concepts and preparation of National Resource Accounts for India”. The Ministry has continuously strived to enhance the scope and coverage of environmental accounts, including those of extent and condition accounts. Further, in order to translate the physical values using an economic yardstick, the Ministry evaluated some ecosystem services-such as Crop Provisioning Services, Timber and Non-timber Forest Products Provisioning Services, Fish Provisioning Services, Carbon Retention Services provided by Forests and Nature-Based Tourism services in monetary terms. These accounts, along with the extent and the condition accounts, present a systematic glimpse of the State of Environment in India in respect of various environmental assets and ecosystems. Several accounts that have been released in the form of the annual publication “EnviStats India: Vol. II- Environment Accounts”. The current publication which is sixth in series covers Material Flow Accounts, Soil Erosion Prevention Services provided by the Forests, Fish Provisioning Services and Solid Waste Accounts.