Establishment and management of community sanitary complexes in rural areas

The Handbook on ‘Establishment and Management of Community Sanitary Complexes in Rural Areas’ gives a very useful insight on
the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of sanitary toilet complexes in a sustainable way. The handbook is intended primarily for programme implementers to help them understand the
critical need for CSCs and inform them of the guiding principles to be adopted while planning for CSCs. The scope of this document has been made comprehensive by including several aspects such
as safe disposal or reuse of human waste from toilet complexes and extensive guidance on different options for toilet designs with indicative costs. The handbook encompasses both technological and management aspects of CSCs and will be of specific interest to Gram Panchayat representatives, village level motivators and village level sanitation committees, etc., who are entrusted with the responsibility for planning for sanitation facilities at the village level.