The great MNREGA robbery wretched of Bihar robbed of nearly Rs. 6000 crore

The CEFS performance audit suggests that in the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the state of Bihar, there has been guarantee of only corruption, unemployment, poverty, distress migration, hunger and humiliation. Irregularities are the only regular feature of the rural job scheme in Bihar. The Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Bihar has been virtually hijacked by implementing authorities. Our survey findings have revealed that there is participatory loot, plunder and pillage in Bihar’s rural job scheme. There is open loot of taxpayers’ money, there is plunder of rural poor’s right to guaranteed wage employment for 100 days and there is pillage of every single norm of democratic governance and public accountability. The scale and dimensions of MNREGA corruption in Bihar suggest that this kind of open loot is impossible without active connivance of the block and district authorities. MNREGA has various inbuilt vigilance and monitoring mechanisms and it is not possible to perpetrate such an open loot of MNREGA funds unless it is participatory and organized.