Guideline and indicators for Target 6.6 of the SDGs: “Change in the extent of water-related ecosystems over time”

This report presents a guideline in support of the indicator method for Target 6.6.1 (GEMI 2017), titled “Step-by-step monitoring methodology for SDG indicator 6.6.1”. Of necessity, this method was produced in an abbreviated format; and, in support of this, this report provides guidelines to assist implementers with some of the background detail not contained in the short version. This document is intended as a guideline only, and any implementer will need to adapt the details of the methods to suit data availability and local conditions. The step-by-step monitoring methodology for indicator 6.6.1 (GEMI 2017) does not prescribe any particular
method for data collection, but rather enables countries to use the method most appropriate for their situation. Thus, while one country may use flow gauging stations to monitor stream flow, another country may use hydrological models, both having the same output. All that is required is that the results fit with the overall objectives of the 6.6.1 Target. Thus, countries need to participate in the way that best suits them but within the constraints and guidelines contained in the GEMI (2017) methodology and further elaborated in this report.