The Indian power sector low carbon strategy for renewable energy integration

NITI Aayog and International Energy Agency are working together to deliver collaborative analytical work on the Indian Power Sector, focusing on five thematic areas. These are data and statistics; energy efficiency; renewables; polcy guidance and modelling; and technology development. In April 2018, NITI Aayog and IEA with support from the Asian Development Bank convened four regional workshops in Chennai, Pune, Delhi and Kolkata. One national level workshop was held in Delhi. This series of workshops brought together stakeholders to discuss and analyse current trends and challenges in the electricity sector in India across regions. The workshops focused o the Power System Transformation to deliver India's ambitious 175 GW renewable energy targets. This report reflects the outcomes of these workshops. It will hopefully set the foundation for further work on policy analysis and planning, and possible technology roadmap for flexible thermal power generation in India.