Land acquisition policy of Haryana 2010

As a welfare state, the Government of Haryana recognises that acquisition of land under the statute and the alienation of landowners from their source of livelihood could be a painful process, notwithstanding the payment of compensation for the same as per law. Therefore, it intends to minimise this pain of the affected persons through a set of policy initiatives that include: payment of market value as compensation of land to the
landowners with the revision and fine-tuning of minimum floor rates in respect of land situated in different parts of the state; introduction of a special incentive for reducing litigation qua the compensation amount; revision of the rates of Annuity payable for a period of 33 years as a social security benefit for the landowners; and review and
introduction of certain additional benefits over and above the one-time compensation paid in accordance with the law so as to provide for alternate means of sustenance for the landowners and other landless persons/artisans who are dependent on the agricultural land being acquired for non-agricultural purposes.