Marine national park and marine sanctuary eco-sensitive zone: draft notification

Whereas, The total area of 326.26 square kilometer around Marine National Park and Marine Sanctuary has been identified as eco-sensitive zone, of which 208.58 square kilometer is the area towards landward side, 105.14 square kilometer towards sea and 12.53 square kilometer is the area covered by rivers. The Marine Sanctuary covers an area of 457.92 square kilometer and an area of 162.89 square kilometer as Marine National Park was notified in 1982. The entire southern coast of the Gulf in Jamnagar district is ringed by a cluster of 42 islands and many of them are
fringed by coral reefs and bear mangrove vegetation; And Whereas, The high density and diversity in the Gulf of Kutch is due to the availability of different types of habitats like sandy, muddy, rocky calcareous sea bed and coral beds and mangroves in the relatively sheltered waters of the Gulf.