Modernizing weather, climate and hydrological services: a road map for Armenia

This analytical work assesses the Armenian Service for Hydrometeorology (AHS) based on the usercommunity needs. The analysis identifies gaps and challenges in producing and delivering weather,climate and hydrological information and services, and it lays out a technical strategic framework for policy- and decision-makers in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the larger Armenian government. Specifically, the Road Map posits three scenarios for modernizing the AHS based on the potential cost and benefits of each while aiming for a greater national and regional public good.The proposed scenarios target the AHS capacity: (i) to produce, manage, translate and communicate hydrometeorological (hydromet) information to the user community; (ii) to assist the community in accessing, interpreting and using the information; (iii) to better disseminate and respond to warnings for public safety and economic security; and (iv) to inform planning and decision-making for cost-effective investments in climate-resilient development. Strengthening these four pillars can help solidify Armenia’s resilience to natural hazards and climate change. And help enhance the economic performance of such weather-dependent sectors as agriculture, energy, transport and water resources management. In the end, the purpose of this analysis is to support the government of Armenia in saving lives and livelihoods and in protecting gains in social and economic development through a robust but discerning hydromet system.