MPFD Working Paper on Public-Private Partnership Systems and Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific

Engaging the private sector in infrastructure financing through public-private partnership (PPP) can contribute significantly to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. However, PPP has yet to realize its potential fully in several Asia-Pacific economies. To promote this blended financing modality, a more conducive environment for PPP need to be ensured by establishing an efficient eco-system in a country. This may include, among others, policy and legal frameworks, institutional arrangements and financial support mechanisms for PPP implementation. This paper examines the findings of a survey conducted among 20 member States of the Infrastructure Financing and Public-Private Partnership Network of Asia and the Pacific and discusses the common strategies and practices adopted by developing countries in Asia and the Pacific regarding PPP systems. The paper also highlights the role of an effective PPP system in the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals.