National register of large dams - 2009

This publication provides data for 5100 large dams in India. It is based on information compiled till January 2009 and includes data on 4710 completed large dams and another 390 under construction.

With the ever increasing population and the consequent increasing demand for water for various uses, it has become necessary not only to construct new dams but also rehabilitate and maintain existing ones. The dams provide storages to tide over the temporal and spatial variation in rainfall for meeting the year round requirements of drinking water supply, irrigation, hydropower and industries in the country which lead to development of the national economy. Dams have helped immensely in attaining self sufficiency in foodgrain production besides flood control and drought mitigation. The maintenance of these dams in good health is a serious matter, as failure of any dam would result in huge loss of life and property. Thus safety of dams and allied structures is an important issue that needs to be continuously monitored for ensuring public confidence, protection of downstream areas from potential hazard and ensuring continued accrual of benefits from the large national investments. Having a proper data base that can provide, at a glance, information about existing as well as dams under construction would greatly help in this direction. It has therefore been found necessary to catalogue all the major dams in the country. The Dam Safety Organisation (DSO), CWC took up the task and brought out a publication entitled