National water resources framework study: roadmaps for reforms

The Roadmaps for Reforms report focuses on four key areas. The first roadmap, proposing a national water management reform programme, underscores the importance of a multi-level approach to water management. It covers reforms at the state level for water resources management, main system irrigation management, and on-farm irrigation management. The roadmap on ground water management outlines key elements of reform, such as agricultural feeder separation, rationalised power tariffs, more efficient pump sets, participatory management, and strengthened laws and institutions. The third roadmap on water utility management emphasises principles for water utilities, increased autonomy and accountability, benchmarking combined with performance monitoring, better delegation to the private sector for access to technology, systems and capital, and improved regulatory capacity. The final roadmap on water conservation in industry proposes a detailed classification system for businesses, performance audits, water reclamation strategies, incentives and penalties, and greater public awareness. Each roadmap presents reforms that are needed immediately and over the longer term, at times offering step-by-step action plans.