This national wetland atlas prepared by SAC, Ahmedabad as a part of the project on National Wetland Inventory & Assessment presents wetland status of each State/Union Territory through text, statistical tables, satellite images,maps and ground photographs.





This publication deals with the updated database and status of wetlands, compiled in Atlas format. Increasing concern about how our wetlands are being influenced has led to formulation of a project entitled “National Wetland Inventory and Assessment(NWIA)” to create an updated database of the wetlands of India. The wetlands are categorized under 19 classes and mapped using satellite remote sensing data from Indian Remote Sensing Satellite: IRS P6- LISS III sensor. The results are organized at 1:50,000 scales at district, state and topographic map sheet (Survey of India reference) level using Geographic Information System (GIS). This publication is a part of this national work and deals with the wetland status of a particular State/Union Territory of India, through text, statistical tables, satellite images, maps and ground photographs.