Roundtable Report 1: Role of Renewables

The impact of COVID-19 on the relatively small DRE sector is upsetting. A mechanism needs to be developed to support small enterprises working in the DRE sector, which are more prone to risks and shocks. Further, a paradigm change in thinking is required to address the gender issue in employment. Renewables are experiencing a remarkable growth but DRE is the most suitable sub-sector for generating employment, and providing people livelihood and, above all, an identity, especially to the youth and women. Concerted efforts are required in this direction to streamline the process of creating linkages at different levels to ensure maximum opportunities. It is important to address the disconnect between people on the ground and policies. Policies should be made available in vernacular languages and efforts should be made for the adoption of a bottom-up model of development. More interlinkages need to be created for making people aware of the various options available within the DRE domain. It is important to create an ecosystem of appropriate financing and market opportunities as well as institutes that will function as centres of excellence for improving income levels in rural areas.