Status and conservation of tigers and their prey in the Uttar Pradesh Terai

This report presents information on the ecology and status of tigers and wild ungulates in a portion of the Terai Arc Landscape that lies between the town of Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh and Suhelwa WLS in Balrampur District of Uttar Pradesh, referred to as the Central Terai Landscape. The study (2011 -2013), carried out in association with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, was focused on studying populations of tigers and their principal prey species in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Pilibhit Forest Division, and the North and South Kheri Forest Divisions. These surveys for wildlife were the most intensive of their kind to date, and the findings of two years of field-sampling have been analyzed and presented in this report. With the greater purpose of generating reliable information on the occurrence and abundance of tigers and their prey in order to inform conservation planning and wildlife management, at both the landscape and local scales, this study addressed several major objectives.