India generated nearly 2 million tonnes of electronic waste last year, of the 44.7 million tonnes produced globally reveals this new report released by the United Nations’ International Telecommunicat

A new UN report warns that without large new water-related investments many societies worldwide will soon confront rising desperation and conflicts over life's most essential resource.

This report presents information on the ecology and status of tigers and wild ungulates in a portion of the Terai Arc Landscape that lies between the town of Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh and Suhelwa WLS in Balrampur District of Uttar Pradesh, referred to as the Central Terai Landscape.

Palm oil expansion in Southeast Asia is strongly associated with conversion and degradation of peatland. Find that past studies have generally significantly underestimated emissions from palm oil grown on peatland. In particular, this will have resulted in underestimation of the indirect land use change emissions from many biofuels.

This publication summarizes the state-of-the-art of science on the subject of 'Climate Change as a Security Risk'. It is based on the findings of research into environmental conflicts, the causes of war, and of climate impact research. It appraises past experience but also ventures to cast a glance far into the future in order to assess the likely impacts of climate change on societies, nation-states, regions and the international system.

This document contains the White paper presented at Workshop on climate change and disaster losses: understanding and attributing trends and projections at Hohenkammer, Munich during 25