Status and trend of waterbirds in wetlands around Corbett

Corbett is said to be a haven for bird-watchers with a great diversity of bird species recorded in the area. The Corbett Tiger Reserve is listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International. Of the approximate 1300 species of birds found in the Indian subcontinent, more than 40% have been recorded in the Corbett landscape. The area also provides safe refuge to a number of migratory birds during winter. Forty nine percent of the wetland dependant bird species found in India have been recorded in this landscape. The Corbett division of The Corbett Foundation has been carrying out an annual waterbird survey programme in three wetlands located in the Corbett landscape. The survey has been conducted on a fortnightly basis from the year 2009-10. The observations of this three year survey has been analyzed and presented in this report.