Survey on preference between PDS and cash transfers in Delhi

The Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan, Delhi is a network for about thirty organisations working on issues related to food security, especially through the Public Distribution System (PDS), in the State of Delhi. While there are many problems with the way the PDS is currently functioning in Delhi, in recent times, the Delhi Government has been suggesting the dismantling of the PDS in favour of a system of direct cash transfers/smart card system. Through this, eligible citizens would get fixed amounts of money monthly in their bank accounts, to be used as they wish. The Government argues that this will reduce leakages in the system and also reduce its fiscal burden. The Delhi Government in partnership with SEWA and IDF has been conducting a pilot study with 100 families in Raghubir Nagar to test the feasibility and effectiveness of such a programme. Each of these 100 families is being provided Rs. 1000 per month in lieu of its PDS entitlements. While the results of this pilot study are awaited, the Rozi Roti Adhikar Abhiyan, Delhi conducted a survey in different parts of Delhi to understand people’s preference between PDS and cash transfer.