Thirteenth Report on Demands for Grants (2020-21) pertaining to Ministry of Food Processing Industries

A strong and dynamic Food Processing Sector plays a vital role in diversification and commercialization of Agriculture, enhancing shelf life, ensuring value addition to agricultural produce, generation of employment, enhancing income of farmers and creating markets for export of Agro Foods. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries acts as a catalyst for bringing in greater investment into this Sector, guiding and helping the industry and creating a conducive environment for healthy growth of the food processing industry. The Ministry in its Annual Report (2018-19) has stated that over the years agricultural production in India has consistently recorded higher output. India ranks first in the world in the production of Milk, Ghee, Pulses, Ginger, Bananas, Guavas, Papayas and Mangoes. Further, India ranks no. second in the world in the production of Rice, Wheat and several other vegetables & fruits.